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Brief Description:

  • Location – Alexandra Palace
  • Terrain Type: Open Area
  • Duration: Approx 1 hour including introduction and training
  • Segway Model: X2 All Terrain
  • Car Parking: Free


Alexandra Palace is situated in North London and is easily accessible from a range of transport options.  If travelling by car, Alexandra Palace is just 15 minutes away from junction 1 of the M1 and if travelling by rail, Alexandra Palace has it’s own train station.  For those travelling via the tube, Wood Green is the nearest tube station and from there customers will need to head over to bus stop A on the opposite side of the road, and catch the W3 bus to Alexandra Palace.

The Segway Rally Course:

The Segway Rally course takes place within the grounds of Alexandra Palace and allows you to master your Segway skills on a variety of terrains.  As an easy to use machine, the Segway simply responds instantly to even a small shift in weight and uses your weight to determine speed and direction.  As you become familiar with the Segway and test it’s boundaries you will appreciate the excitement of the Segway Rally and experience the fun that only an experience like this can provide!

What happens on the day?

As you arrive at Alexandra Palace you will need to follow the signposts to the Segway Events’ Pod.  Once you have registered you will complete the necessary paperwork and be placed in the relevant safety kit.  You will then be given a brief introduction to the Segway before taking your first steps on to the Segway and taking part in a few Segway games to build both skill and confidence.  When you have become confident on the Segway you will be taken on to the parkland with the Instructor where you will be given the opportunity to test the true speed of your Segway, and practice your new found skills!

Additional Activities:

Alexandra Palace offers a wide range of on-site activities to compliment your Segway Rally.  Alternatively London offers an activity to suit everyone so there are plenty of options to make the most out of your day.  For more information on how to spend the rest of your Segway Rally day click here.

Important Information:

  • Group Sizes - The maximum group size that we can accommodate in one session is 12. If you would like to make a booking for a group size of 13 or more please contact our office on 08453 193 747.
  • Timeslots - When booking your experience online you will be asked to select whether you would prefer an AM or PM timeslot. AM timeslots occur between the hours of 9am and 1pm, and PM timeslots occur between the hours of 1pm and 8pm (depending on sunset times). We will do our best to accommodate any special requests made in terms of booking time, but these times cannot be guaranteed.  Please note that Segway Blasts can only be accommodated in AM timeslots.
  • Clothing & Footwear – This is an outdoor experience so please dress according to the weather. Skirts and dresses are not advised and all shoes must be flat.
  • Weather – All Segway experiences are subject to weather conditions and adverse weather conditions can mean that an event has to be cancelled. In this instance we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible, and re-arrange your booking for an alternative, suitable date. To check that your event is still going ahead, please call our event information line on 08453 193 747 before you depart for your event.
  • Mobile Number – When booking please ensure that you provide us with your correct mobile number as we may need to contact you before or on the day of your event.
  • Restrictions – Please see our FAQ pages.
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