Segway Experience


Our Segway experiences give you the chance to feel the effortless ‘glide’ and ride found only on a Segway and it's off-road!

Our Experiences

Segway Blast Experience

Segway Thrill Experience

Segway Discovery Experience

Segway Adventure Experience

London Segway Tour with Games 

Whats Included

Following a safety briefing and training session, you will take control of your Segway around our training area followed by some Segway games to hone your skills.

A brief excursion following the instructor will get you in the mood before you get to our operating area and some freedom for you to get more familiar with these exceptional machines.

Once you are more confident, more rugged terrain awaits where you will be able to test your new found skills on the Segway as you experience the undulating terrain.

  • Full riding instruction and safety briefing.
  • Training including Segway games.
  • Small excursion to get used to your Segway.
  • Time to test your new skills on the terrain.
  • Helmets, wrist guards and knee protectors.
  • Certificate to take home to remind you of your experience.

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