Frequently Asked Questions

D. Surcharges - Why am I being asked to pay a surcharge?

Why am I being asked to pay a surcharge?

Different vouchers entitle customers to different experiences, dates and venues.

For example some vouchers are only valid mid week and to book onto a weekend event which are priced differently customers will be required to pay a surcharge.  

Please check your voucher or the website where you purchased the experience for the following

  • What days of the week your voucher is valid for?
  • What is the stated length of time of your experience?
  • What venues does it include?

Once you have established the above and you will probably be able to understand why you are being asked to pay a surcharge when booking your experience. 

if you have bought any of the following experiences from Segway Events the below might explain why you have to pay a surcharge. 

  • Segway Blast - surcharges will apply for weekend upgrades and upgrades from 30mins to 60mins experiences
  • Segway Thrill - surcharges will apply for weekend upgrades 
  • Segway Discovery - surcharges will apply for upgrade from 30mins to 60mins 

To find out what your voucher entitles you to, please view our redeem voucher page here

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