London Segway Tour & Games for Two - Battersea Park

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Height and weight restrictions apply 

Riders will not be allowed to ride a Segway if:-

  • They are under 134cm tall

YES - Riders will not be allowed to ride a Segway if:-

  • Their weight exceeds 117kg (18 ½ stone).
  • Their weight is under 45kg (7.08 stones)
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Voucher price: £79.00


RRP £99.00

This London Segway Tour with games takes place at the historic Battersea Park and is the perfect place to experience a Segway.

This experience starts with a training session followed by the chance to play some fun and exciting Segway games, a perfect way to learn and hone Segway skills!  Finally participants will be treated to a Segway Excursion around Battersea Park and will have the opportunity to experience the effortless glide of a Segway whilst passing magnificent fountains and even travelling along the promenade alongside the River Thames.

Voucher price: £79.00


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