Segway Corporate Events

Segway Events is the largest provider of Segway corporate experiences in the UK.

Segway Events can provide a variety of bespoke packages for a wide variety of clients from small group sessions to full day events. 

  • Large and Small Groups
  • Corporate Days 
  • Teambuilding Games
  • Stag & Hen Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Promotional Advertising
  • Events / Festivals / Shows

The flexibility of our operation means you can either choose from:

  • On and off road Segways
  • Location of your choice - we bring Segway Events to you!
  • We also have permanent Segway venues located across the UK
  • A 20 metre inflatable track that can be used at any venue, great for shows & festivals
  • Segway Events also operate white label segway experiences for events companies and venues all over the UK.

Safe fun and open to everyone - Ride a Segway!
Targeting everyone with a taste for adventure, riding a Segway is an activity that the vast majority of people are capable of undertaking. Our event crew will provide all the necessary equipment and rider training to make sure all experiences are safe and positive.

Any Group Size - Segway Group Bookings
Segway Events provide a unique and innovative team building experience which can be undertaken with variable group sizes.

Permanent Segway Locations and Mobile Segway Events
If you would like to experience Segways at a venues of your choice then we can bring our bespoke hospitality vehicle and event service or you can choose one of our premanent locations.

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