Training Courses For Companies Using Segways

If you are a corporate company that uses Segways in your day to day operations and require an assessment of your current use of the Segways and the production of a tailored training course then we can help. 

We offer the following 

  • An assessment of your current use of the Segways and the production of a tailored Segway Risk Assessment, which can be reviewed annually or earlier following a change in operating requirements, law or regulations, or following an incident.
  • A tailored Quick Facts guide sheet (or Toolbox talk) based on the control measures highlighted in the risk assessment and general operating guidance 
  • Digital training slides and hand-outs for note keeping during the training sessions.
  • A daily pre-operating check card for quick reference
  • Check sheets for daily pre-use inspections, to be completed and signed
  • Maintenance schedule and regular maintenance check sheet to be completed and signed 
  • A training syllabus, including the principle areas:
    • Familiarisation
    • Daily safety checks
    • Routine maintenance 
    • Operating the segways 
    • Limitations (weight range, speed, carrying capacity) 
    • Risk management of PPE 
    • End of training exam 
    • Certificate of completion 
    • Bespoke branding of all paperwork and documentation

For more information please get in touch with our specialist team