Granny Turismo Segway Performers

07 Nov 2016

They rocked social media with passer-by’s posting recordings of what looked like a posse of senior citizens, riding their trolleys on wheels around the town. Following some extensive research, we have discovered that they are in fact a performance act!

Granny Turismo are the worlds one and only ‘Shopping Trolley Dance Display Team’.

They are a team of up to eight dancers who have made super-sized trolleys out of Segways in which they climb on top of and perform routines on. They can be booked for a range of events such as; parties, festivals and parades etc.

The Grannies include:

-Margery Long

-Mary Barker 

-Doris Day 

-Gladys Go-Lite-Lee 

-Joy Toogood 

-Betty Higgins 

-Marlene Waddawangga 

-Enid Brighton 

For more information on Granny Turismo click here.

For a glimpse of them taking the public by storm click here