Segway in a Winter Wonderland

01 Sep 2017

The Segways we use here at Segway Events are the sturdy X2 Offroad Model.  The X2 is a tough machine designed for rugged off road terrain and we put them to the test every weekend at our locations nationwide.  They have chunky tires capable of riding over rocks, rolling through gravel and ploughing through mud.  It turns out they can also be used in the snow!

In the mountains of Hokkaido Island, Japan, near the dormant Mt Yotei volcano you'll find the small town of Niseko, one of Japan's major ski resorts. Alongside the more expected activities like skiing and snow boarding, visitors can ride snow mobiles, go snowshoeing and now take Segway tours of the mountains! 

The location, known for it's deep powdery snow (great for soft landings) has long been popular with advanced serious skiers looking to explore some deep back country terrain.  From next year though a new Activity centre will be built offering activities for people who are new to snow sports, including snowy Segway tours.

Japan might be a little far to fly for a trek on a Segway but our events run throughout the year.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for a white Christmas!