Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Voucher Questions

Which code on my voucher do I enter?

If you have one voucher reference please enter the full code, if you have mutiple codes and references it will depend on which company you have purchased the voucher from please see some examples below:


We need the following in the exact order set out below. 

  • Groupon code
  • Security code
  • Please seperate the two codes with a hyphen.

Please enter the code in the same format as this example MW2-021114-1FB4A35641

Experience Days, Activity Superstore and Red Letter Days

Please remember to activate your voucher before booking your experience. Activating the voucher will give you another gift voucher number which we will need to complete the booking. For example: 

  • Experience Days: EX 33198-131206
  • Activity Superstore: USEG123123
  • Red Letter Days: RED-SWVSB-1234567-123

Virgin (Acorne)

We need the following information:

  • Serial Number
  • Product Code
  • Pin Number 

Do I need to bring my voucher with me on the day?

Yes you will need to bring your voucher with you on the day. Failure to produce a valid voucher on the day of your experience means that full payment will be required to cover the cost of the experience before you will be allowed to proceed with registration. This payment will be refunded on receipt of a valid voucher in the post alongside a completed deposit refund form within 28 days of your experience.

I've lost my voucher and I'm booked in, can I still participate?

Maybe - please contact the company who issued your voucher for a replacement or alternatively please contact our customer care team to look further into your options. This can all depend on your voucher provider.

My voucher has expired can I still book in?

No, if the voucher has expired already you will be unable to make a booking using this voucher. 

If your voucher is from an alternative provider, you will need to contact them directly to enquire about their policy on extending expired vouchers. If the voucher has been purchased from Segway Events, we can only extend if it is still in date.

My gift voucher has almost expired - can I extend my gift voucher?

We are willing to extend gift voucher's for a maximum of 6 months if the voucher is still in date.

In order to extend your gift voucher please contact our Customer Care Team on 0845 319 3747. Vouchers will be extended for 6 months from the original expiry date for a charge of £10 per person and we are only able to extend your voucher once. Please note there are some vouchers that we are unable to extend.