Frequently Asked Questions

The day of your experience

If, when I try the Segway I cannot operate it or do not enjoy it, do I get a refund?

No - unfortunately, all our events are pre-booked and therefore places are limited. If you fail to participate we could have filled that space with another participant. In addition by the time you get to ride the Segway we have already gone through quite a labour intensive and costly process.

What should I wear when I do my experience?

Clothing - Please dress according to the weather. Dress in comfortable, casual clothes. Skirts are not recommended! Waterproofs are recommended in rainy conditions, it is also highly likely your clothes will get dirty during the experience so please take this into consideration when choosing your attire.

Footwear - Please wear sensible footwear, please refrain from wearing loose or unprotective footwear such as flip flops or heels. Trainers, boots, and securely fastened shoes are fine.

Can I bring spectators?

You are welcome to bring as many spectators as you like to our events. All of our events are free of charge to specators. On the rare occasion that there is a charge it will be mentioned in the event information on our bookings page and is likely to be at a one off event, festival or show.

What if my Segway breaks down during the event?

Depending on the fault, we will either; fix the Segway, offer you the instructors Segway as a replacement, or rebook you and your group on to the next available date.  

What weather conditions could affect my experience?

Extreme weather conditions such as flooding and extremely high winds are the main concern. Although events can be cancelled during the event day itself, please go to or call the office before you travel for up to date information. Cancelling an event can be a huge inconvenience for both participants and us here at Segway Events, and whilst this is a rare occurrence we would appreciate your understanding with this.

How long will it take for me to complete my experience?

Depending on whether your voucher entitles you to a Segway Blast/Discovery or Segway Thrill/Adventure, your experience will last either 30 minutes or 60 minutes including your safety briefing.

We ask all customers to arrive 30 minutes prior to their experience start time for registration. You should allow a maximum of 2 hours to complete your experience.

I haven't received any information regarding my experience?

If you have booked your experience online you should have received a booking confirmation via email within 2 days of submitting your booking. Please check your junk mail and SPAM folders in case they have been directed there. Attached to your booking confirmation email you will find information about your experience including the time you are required to arrive, directions to the event, specific venue information and our terms and conditions.

If you have booked your experience over the phone you should have received a booking confirmation instantaneously. If you do not receive your confirmation email straight away, please ensure you contact us to rectify this. It is your responsibility to ensure that this email has been received.

Can I purchase photos of my Segway Rally?

Yes you can! 

This can be purchased online during the booking process, over the phone with our Customer Care Team or on the day of your experience.